EnGenius features a complete product line for all wireless environments, from enterprise-class wireless communications systems which includes long-range cordless phones, network servers and security products, wireless mesh networking for digital wireless network cities, to end-user wireless network products.

EnGenius is a proven and trusted brand with countless success stories throughout the world.
Key Features: SOHO WIFI Solutions
SMB Indoor WIFI Access Points
SMB Outdoor Point to Point and Point to Multi Point radios
High Power radios
Hardware Controlled and Managed Access Points

Why EnGenius

Why EnGenius
  • Specialize in WiFi connectivity
  • Higher throughput over larger areas
  • Indoor & Outdoor range
  • Industry-best receiver sensitivity
  • Exceptional Price vs Performance benefits
  • 2 Year warranty

Product focus

Product focus Product focus
  • Electron series (complete indoor and outdoor hardware solution managed by EZ Controller)
  • Neutron series (Complete Managed WiFi with no license or support upgrade fees)
  • Software solutions
  • EZ Master CLOUD solution
  • Manage multiple WLAN from anywhere in the world with 1 management solution

The Electron Series

The Electron Series The Electron Series The Electron Series The Electron Series
  • indoor AP’s - desktop ap, ceiling ap
  • Outdoor AP’s, wi-fi ap, campus backhaul

The Neutron Series

The Neutron Series The Neutron Series The Neutron Series The Neutron Series The Neutron Series
Managed Wi-Fi Neutron Series:
  • Access Points – Ceiling, Indoor, Outdoor Controllers, Statistics to controller Switches

The Neutron Series

The Neutron Series
Managed Wi-Fi
  • Centrally Manage your entire network from 1 central point
  • Manage from 1 to 50 AP’s
  • Never pay any license fees
  • Updates FREE for life
  • Provide multiple SSID’s with VLAN tagging
  • Single SSID over multiple AP’s for extended roaming
  • New Price point for managed WiFi
  • Easy installation & deployment
  • Timesaver for integrator
  • Full layer 2 PoE switch built into controller

EZ Master Cloud

EZ Master Cloud
  • Manage multiple controllers from anywhere in the world
  • Manage 1000’s of AP’s from one central point
  • Statistics and reports of any part of the network from anywhere in the world
  • Troubleshoot and maintain the entire network
Wi-Fi: Engenius - Indoor Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi: Engenius - Outdoor Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi: Engenius - Management
Networking: Switches - PoE - Websmart
Telephony: Analogue Phones - Long Range
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