Structured Cabling

Structured cabling refers to the design and installation of a network cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses and systems, which are suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. Acconet Structured Network Cabling products are manufactured to meet industry quality standards and have a long history in Southern Africa as an affordable, reliable, high-quality networking infrastructure product.


CAT5e + CAT6


CAT5e + CAT6

RJ45 Connectors

CAT5e + CAT6

Crimping Tools

Free Standing Network Cabinets

Acconet supplies floor-standing Network Cabinets in sizes of 18U, 27U and 42U with a choice of either 800 mm or 1000 mm depth, perfect for housing all your data networking equipment. These server cabinets are pre-assembled for your convenience.


When you don’t need a big server rack consider our wall-box cabinets that are available in the following sizes: 4U, 6U, 9U and 12U. They’re perfect for smaller solutions and as the name suggests they mount against a wall, which means that they are often used for isolating certain groups of related equipment for more convenient access.

Swing-Frame Wall-Boxes

Swing-Frame wall-boxes have a hinge on the side, allowing you to swing the front portion of the wall-box away from the wall to provide convenient access to the plugs / ports you typically need to access on the back of networking hardware.

Cabinet Accessories

To keep your network cabinet organised and well ventilated, we also sell the following cabinet accessories:

Fan Units

Cage Nuts for Server Rack & Wall-Boxes

Blanking Plates

Fixed Shelves

Brush Panels

Replacement Fan for Racks & Wall-boxes


Offering a range of Single & Dual Polarised antennas for popular ISM and licensed frequencies. Different Antennas:

  • Grid Antenna
  • Yagi Antenna
  • Dish Antenna
  • Sector Antenna
  • Omni Antenna
  • Flat Panel Antenna

Surge Arrestor

We offer a variety of high quality surge protection devices that serve the purpose of protecting your equipment, reducing your downtime and saving costs.

RF Pigtails

We offer a range of popular pre-manufactured RF cables. Some of the different Pigtails include:

  • UFL-30-N(F) UFL to N-Type(f)-300 mm Pigtail for Mini PCI Cards, RG174
  • MMCX-30-N(F) MMCX(m) 90Deg. to N(f) Bulkhead-300mm Pigtail, RG174
  • TS9-SMA(F) 120mm adaptor cable TS9 plug to SMA female

Broadband Wireless: Weatherproof Enclosures - Weatherproof Enclosures
Broadband Wireless: Weatherproof Enclosures - Accessories
Antennas & Masts: 2.4 GHz - Dipole
Antennas & Masts: 2.4 GHz - Omni Directional
Antennas & Masts: 2.4 GHz - Flat Panel
Antennas & Masts: 2.4 GHz - Grid
Antennas & Masts: GSM / 3G / LTE - Dipole
Antennas & Masts: GSM / 3G / LTE - Yagi
Antennas & Masts: GSM / 3G / LTE - Flat Panel
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Omni Directional
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Sectorised SISO
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Grid
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Parabolic Dish MIMO
Antennas & Masts: Accessories - Grid
Power & Surge: PoE & Power Supplies - PoE - Passive DC
Power & Surge: Surge Protection - Surge Arrestors
Cabling & Cabinets: Coax Cable & Connectors - RF Cable
Cabling & Cabinets: Coax Cable & Connectors - RF Connectors
Cabling & Cabinets: Coax Cable & Connectors - Pigtails
Cabling & Cabinets: Coax Cable & Connectors - Cable Assemblies
Cabling & Cabinets: Coax Cable & Connectors - Inter-Series Adapters (Jacks)
Cabling & Cabinets: LAN Cable & Connectors - Indoor Cable
Cabling & Cabinets: LAN Cable & Connectors - Outdoor Cable
Cabling & Cabinets: LAN Cable & Connectors - Flyleads
Cabling & Cabinets: LAN Cable & Connectors - Utilities
Cabling & Cabinets: Cabinets & Racks - Outdoor Cabinets
Cabling & Cabinets: Cabinets & Racks - Server Racks
Cabling & Cabinets: Cabinets & Racks - Wall Boxes
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