Boost your sales and help your Switchvox clients expand their systems with Digium’s Buy 2 Subscriptions, Get 1 FREE Promo!

Boost your sales and help your Switchvox clients expand their systems with Digium’s Buy 2 Subscriptions, Get 1 FREE Promo!

Are you looking for ways to generate more year-end business? Digium’s here to help with their Buy 2 Subscriptions, Get 1 Free promo for existing Switchvox customers from November 11th through December 31st, 2016.


Take this opportunity to engage with your existing customers. Here are a few questions to get you in the door:

  • Do you have clients that need additional subscriptions?
  • Are they interested in trying the Switchvox Softphone mobile app?
  • Will they need to add additional handsets now or next year?
  • Are they on the latest version of Switchvox?
  • Do they need yearly maintenance, backup services, or cold spares?
  • Do their older appliances need upgrading to newer hardware?
  • Can they benefit from high availability with virtualized Switchvox (VMware)?


For details on the Buy 2, Get 1 Free promotion, click here.


A few things your customers need to know about their Switchvox subscriptions:


  • The Switchvox Subscriptions & Maintenance Plan includes three things:

    • Technical Support: Subscriptions are available in Gold and Platinum plans that dictate the level of technical support service you have access to.
    • Software maintenance: Software updates can include major releases, minor point-code releases, and bug-fix releases (valid for one year).
    • User-extension Licenses: Each phone-type extension needs a Subscription.


  • Extensions that Require Subscriptions:

You may already be familiar with Switchvox and all of the different Extension Types that you can create inside the system. It is important to note that you do not need a Subscription for every extension you create in Switchvox.


These Extension Types require a Subscription:

  • SIP Phone or SIP Adapter for Analogue Phone (ATA)
  • Analogue Phone
  • Virtual Extension


Converged Phones do not necessarily need a subscription, but each of the extensions above does need a subscription even if they are converged with one person’s main extension.


For details on Switchvox Subscriptions, click here.



Don’t forget about these great opportunities to complement the Buy 2, Get 1 offer:

  • Now’s your chance to engage with your existing customers.  Reach out with the Digium Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion and extend the deal with your own offerings.  Add on additional handsets to increase your profit margins, sell services to add additional devices, upgrade Switchvox to the latest version, provide yearly maintenance or backup services, or even upgrade older appliances to newer hardware.  The add-on offerings are nearly limitless.
  • Offer the Switchvox Amnesty Program (click here) to clients with expired subscriptions to bring their lapsed Switchvox system up to date without paying the usual backfill and reinstatement fees associated with the renewal process.



Be sure to contact your customers as soon as possible, as these programs are only available through December 31st!

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