Build Bluetooth Low Energy IoT Networks with Teltonika’s RUTX11 Router

Build Bluetooth Low Energy IoT Networks with Teltonika’s RUTX11 Router

Teltonika offers a wide range of internal hardware interfaces that are ideal for power-hungry industrial applications where speed and robustness are at the heart of the solution. Their RUTX11 router is amongst one of the most feature-rich routers within the Teltonika RUT series.

The RUTX11 is one of the first routers from Teltonika that features built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Bluetooth LE is a great protocol for IoT devices that operate on the limited availability of AC power and make use of battery power instead.

As it is a new generation of Bluetooth that uses even less power than before, it means that Bluetooth LE can better support the connectivity of IoT devices for longer periods, especially when the devices are fully reliant on battery power.

The new generation of Bluetooth allows you to connect sensors directly to the router instead of having to add a USB dongle or other peripherals. This eliminates the need for any additional hardware devices, therefore minimising the overall solution ecosystem.

The Bluetooth LE feature allows you to pair with Bluetooth LE-based sensors of all types, shapes and sizes, that give read-out information, give alerts, show status, or prevent an accident from happening. In some cases, it can be used to clock in or out at certain times, or even allow access to certain areas.

The RUTX11 router acts as the gateway device that enables these Bluetooth sensors to communicate to the local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) in order to get the necessary information to people or machines that need it.  The sensors that are connected via Bluetooth can enjoy a longer battery life span and do not need to be connected to a power source all the time. Bluetooth LE’s energy efficiency has made it a preferred and one of the most compatible options for IoT.

About Teltonika

Teltonika has been manufacturing internet of things (IoT), Networking, Connected vehicles, Asset and personal Tracking solutions for over 20 years. That makes over 8.6 million devices sold worldwide in over 150 different countries. Although these numbers are impressive, Teltonika is more than that – they are about innovating, inspiring, connecting, educating and reliable partnership.

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