Bitlomat – The Perfect Wireless Solution for your IP Surveillance System


When implementing a Point to Multipoint wireless network to stream video from multiple remote IP cameras to a central point, we need to ensure that all cameras have continuous access to the central point with reliable and constant bandwidth.

This poses a challenge for most wireless networking solutions, as guaranteed throughput on Point to Multipoint wireless networks requires either expensive hardware or advanced knowledge and experience to implement.

Bitlomat decided to make this easy and cost-effective, providing guaranteed throughput in Point to Multipoint wireless networks at the click of a button.

Bitlomat’s award-winning interface called Ambassador Radio UI provides functionality while remaining very simple to use. With Guaranteed throughput per client Quality of Service built-in, Bitlomat is ideal for IP Video deployments. Bitlomat also simplifies the question of “What is happening on my network” by providing performance charts in the User Interface, showing you exactly how much data is transported to each remote point.

This results in a network where you have full control, resulting in high-quality, continuous video feeds with no outages or dropped frames.
What makes Bitlomat ideal for IP Surveillance?

  • High performance Point-to-Multipoint TDMA protocol
  • Built-in email notifications inform you of any downtime if your IP Camera disconnects from the network or drops below a certain signal strength
  • Advanced QoS and SLA enforcement – Guaranteed throughput provisioning per CPE ideal for IP Surveillance
  • Integrated Shielding – Features an integrated metal back plate helping you minimize co-location interference
  • Data Rate – 802.11n 300Mbps up to 15Km
  • Easy to use Web-based GUI


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