Increase the speed of your network with Bequant

Increase the speed of your network with Bequant

Ensuring stable and fast internet is any ISPs goal, however, this can be challenging due to unpredictable latency and packet losses on wired and wireless IP networks, regardless of the equipment you are using. In an effort to assist you in offering your clients the best service, we are proud to announce that we are joining forces with Bequant, developers of a best-in-class Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Traffic Acceleration solution for wireless networks.

Bequant’s TCP protocol is specifically designed for internet service providers who experience high latency and packet loss within their networks. With the most advanced congestion detection and avoidance algorithms, Bequant reduces the under-utilised network capacity and increases the speed of the Internet TCP traffic by up to 100%.

Before Bequant          

After Bequant

They have also developed a scalable and reliable proxy, the Bequant TCP Acceleration (BTA), that internet service providers can place in their networks to accelerate the TCP traffic flowing through it. ISPs are able to optimise their networks even further with Bequant’s Deep Packet Inspection technology (DPI), this allows ISPs to see the services being used in their network. The Bequant solution also includes their Bandwidth Management functionality, which allows you to limit the speed of certain services, identified by DPI. This means that your business is able to better control your network by taking actions such as throttling certain websites during peak times as well as setting up policy’s that assign certain priorities when the network is under pressure.

Ultimately if you are looking to improve customer experience on your network as well as gain better control of your network, then this is the solution for your business.

The Bequant Solution

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