Impress your clients by optimising your network with Bequant

Impress your clients by optimising your network with Bequant

Delivering a smooth and enjoyable user experience enable ISP’s to keep their clients happy for longer, but this can become quite a challenge if your network and service delivery is compromised by TCP latency. Bequant decreases TCP latency through their TCP optimisation and acceleration, DPI analyses, bandwidth management and web compression.

TCP is the transport protocol most widely used and a major contributing factor behind the success of the internet. Bequant’s TCP optimisation and acceleration enhance the user experience by decreasing perceived network latency. Bequant uses a patented TCP acceleration algorithm that can increase TCP traffic speeds to over 100% while avoiding issues like buffer-bloat and packet loss.

The Bequant BQN node provides information about the services most active in a network, obtaining this information through Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), it even allows for insights into encrypted https connections. The Bequant software interface illustrates this data in simple graphs to show the breakdown of services and how these services are used at different times of the day.

Bequant’s bandwidth management functionality, allows you to limit the speed of certain services during certain times, enforcing a maximum speed for those services per user. For example, you can implement a user-specific 2Mbps limit for video streaming services or downloads during a specific time of the day.

With Bequant, service providers can control their perceived user experience and ensure many happy customers on their network. Contact our team for expert advice on how you can improve customer experience on your network as well as gain better control of your network.

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