How to benefit from the same network structure used by social media giants

How to benefit from the same network structure used by social media giants

If you’ve heard the buzz in the networking world lately, or if you’ve been paying attention to the back-to-back launches by Cumulus Networks as of late, then you’ve probably heard the term, “web-scale networking.”

But what does that actually mean?

The term web-scale networking is inspired by data center giants like Facebook and Google. The industry looked at data centers like theirs and asked, “what are they doing that we can mimic at a smaller scale?” By analyzing these organizations and the benefits they receive from their tactics, the term “web-scale” was born. Essentially, web-scale refers to the hyperscale website companies that have built private, efficient and scalable cloud environments.

Web-scale networking: a definition

Web-scale networking is simply a modern architectural approach to infrastructure. The differentiating components are taken from the key requirements that large data center operators use to build smart networks. Businesses can design cost-effective, agile networks for the modern era by adhering to these three constructs:

  • Open and modular – Edgecore
  • Intelligence in software – Cumulus Linux
  • Scalable and efficient – Edgecore + Cumulus Linux

These three constructs essentially comprise web-scale networking.

While compute has advanced through leaps and bounds with the convergence to private, public and hybrid clouds, networking has notoriously lagged behind. An open networking philosophy brings traditional networking up to par with the advancements of a web-based approach. Open, web-scale networking provides automation, accuracy and cost-savings to the data center.

Tactical benefits of open, web-scale networking with Edgecore

Automation is more accessible, and more powerful, than ever

Open networking allows organizations to choose the ideal hardware and software for their budget and needs. This means you can use existing automation software or integrate something new. With an open environment, it’s easy to standardize protocols, identify issues and create a unified stack that communicates efficiently.

No more vendor lock-in

Have you ever wanted to upgrade certain components of your network to another vendor’s product, but refuse to go the “rip and replace” route because of both cost and risk? Most organizations are faced with the problem of “vendor lock” because it is too costly to switch systems and vendors. Web-scale networking allows you to choose the network switches, cables, optics, applications and more — based on your needs and your budget.

Operational efficiency

By unifying the stack, customizing hardware and automating software, organizations can completely streamline their processes. Engineers can identify and fix issues quicker. Operators can deploy faster. And organizations can multiply the amount of Edgecore switches managed per operator. All of these benefits result in better DevOps, greater efficiency and lower TCO.

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