Selecting the correct ONU for your FTTx solution

Selecting the correct ONU for your FTTx solution

With the fibre industry opening up and becoming more competitive, integrators and service providers are looking for ways to cut costs, but not at the expense of the performance of the solution.

When deciding to use PON (passive optical networks) selecting the correct ONU device is vital to the success of the solutions and your return on investment. The ONU’s purpose is to bridge the gap between your residential, or business, Wi-Fi and your fibre backbone, by converting optical fibre signals into usable internet connectivity for customers on the other side. Hence, ONU’s are used as media-converters, allowing the fibre light to be converted into Ethernet packets, these Ethernet packets are then distributed either by the ONU directly or by 3rd party Wi-Fi systems – depending on the size of the building and the number of concurrent devices on the network.

When selecting the correct ONU, it is imperative to understand your customers’ requirements for wireless connectivity and security features, before selecting a device that will be rolled-out into each client’s home. It is important to look at all the choices at your disposal.

BDCOM offers a range of ONU devices to fit each customer’s requirements.

  • The BDCOM GP1501 Series of smart ONUs can be paired with a 3rd party router, like BDCOM’s new cost-effective WAP2100 home router, allowing for more complex requirements like parental control.
  • BDCOM-GP1704-4F-E is a smart household gateway with a built-in 2.4Ghz radio for bandwidth requirements of up to 20Mbps and up to 4 concurrent devices, perfect for smaller spaces and offers additional LAN ports for extending Wi-Fi coverage with access points like Grandstream’s cost-effective GWN
  • BDCOM-GP1704-4GV-22A is the ideal dual-band 802.11ac solution for requirements of up to 100Mbps and above. Perfect for applications where 5 – 10 devices will connect to the Wi-Fi.

Using BDCOM’s ONU’s for FTTx deployments opens ample possibilities, for instance, triple-play services (Voice, Video and Data). Along with their “Open Door” policy, BDCOM”s ONUs are universally compatible with 3rd party OLTs, meaning, they can easily be integrated into existing FTTx solutions BDCOM’s ONU come in EPON and GPON. With their attractive price and known reliability, BDCOM ONUs are definitely the best return on investment fibre ONU on the market.

When determining factors in selecting the correct ONU, your customers’ network requirements and their fluctuating needs will be the main points to consider when rolling out your next FTTx deployment.


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