Monitor, Maintain and Manage your fibre network from a single pane of glass

Monitor, Maintain and Manage your fibre network from a single pane of glass

BDCOM’s network management system (NMS) is an application that allows you to monitor, maintain and manage your network. The overall objective of a Network Management System is to achieve an error-free network, without having to invest in long hours of troubleshooting. The biggest challenge with today’s network management solutions are to proactively identify faults before it impacts customers. BDCOM’s NMS takes network management to the next level and allows you to:

  • Monitor and maintain the network. Eliminate faulty network devices by managing all your OLT’s from a single dashboard allowing you to constantly have a high-level overview of your network to determine if your network elements are operating correctly.
  • No Need to log into OLT. Manage everything centrally and remotely, any configurations can be remotely designed and implemented through BDCOM’s NMS.
  • Create a credential-based user interface. Set up admins and assign user rights based on peoples various roles. Role-based activity means you are able to share responsibility amongst support staff – allowing teams to access certain parts of the network depending on their position in the company support team. With BDCOM’s NMS you are also able to assign activities to people based on their roles.
  • Scheduled automatic tasks. Task automation can help you automate the first-level troubleshooting and repetitive maintenance tasks, for example, eliminating manual updates and schedule bulk updates for off-peak times.
  • Create a customer-centric service. In the event of a system disruption, the NMS will proactively alert you about any performance issues, before it impacts your clients.

With the surplus of NMS tools available on the market, it is important to assess their features carefully before you select the right one for your business. Make sure you pick a robust NMS that offers a lot more than just a standard set of features when selecting an NMS remember that the magic is in the management. The right NMS is the one that makes your life easier and that helps you provide better services to your clients. BDCOM’s NMS comes free with any purchase of BDCOM switches and/or PON equipment.

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