Why choose BDCOM switches for all network applications

Why choose BDCOM switches for all network applications

Choosing the right network switch can be the deciding factor between a scalable, high-speed network and a less-than-desirable, under-performing network. In this article, we will look at some practical applications for network switches and hallmarks of the perfect switch brand.

In any ICT layer-2 solutions we need network switches. These devices help regulate the traffic that is transferred between the different network nodes. For example, if a service provider were to be responsible for directing traffic, the network switch will be the robot at the middle of the intersection allowing the flow of traffic to be seamless and uninterrupted.

Extensive range

Different switches offer different types of functionality depending on the size of the traffic and the size of the intersection. This is why it is important to find a brand that can offer you an extensive range of alternative devices, ranging from core fibre switches through to PoE devices, to meet the requirements of your various applications. Having one brand that caters for all those networking needs helps make the purchasing of equipment more seamless as you have everything you need under one roof.

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Lifetime warranty

Warranties hold value for many different types of users. For one, partners who lease their equipment have the comfort of knowing that they will be covered by the supplier for the duration of their lease agreement. BDCOM’s lifetime warranty provides peace of mind to not just partners, but also resellers who are looking to resell the product into remote areas, now have the luxury of being able to hold stock in their respective warehouses without forfeiting valuable warranty time.

High PoE budget

Due to the varying power budgets that are demanded by standalone devices such as Wi-Fi access points, IP phones, IP cameras and access control. Having a strong PoE budget puts the performance of the brand at the forefront of every decision-maker’s mind. Specifically, when starting new projects in unknown areas, having a reliable, high-performance PoE switch will provide the solution with a strong backbone in order for them to launch their solution and through this will lift the performance of the overall network.

BDCOM’s reliable range of networking switches offers users a lifetime warranty and a high PoE budget as well as a diverse and dynamic switch portfolio that caters for the requirements of the core network all the way through to the last-mile.

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