BDCOM – lighting up Jackal Creek with Fibre-to-the-Home

BDCOM – lighting up Jackal Creek with Fibre-to-the-Home

When Jackal Creek, a modern golf estate in Roodepoort, had to provide 1879 units with reliable and affordable fibre to the home they were faced with the decision to choose between two fibre service providers, one being a major player in the industry and the other a new-comer to the game, they took a chance on the underdog, Linteg Technologies, an up and coming Fibre provider with a main focus on last mile fibre connectivity, particularly open-access networks.

We spoke to Ettienne Knipe (CEO) and Francois Joubert (Head of IT), at Linteg Technologies, about the upgraded solution that was implemented and the obstacles they had to overcome.

The main objective for Linteg Technologies was to provide clients with affordable, high-speed open-access internet, at a fair cost and within a short installation window. Before they could achieve this, they had to overcome a major obstacle, the original network. Elaborating on this, Ettienne explained: “The original model was a point-to-point (PtP) topology with a hybrid design of fibre through copper. The original network that was built might have been sufficient for the era it was built in, but it was not a good stable network for today’s high capacity demands that clients are accustomed to. The chosen GPON solution from BDCOM, is point-to-multipoint, pushing multiple streams of data along a single fibre cable, into each unit and then co-existing with a separate fibre link for your decoder or explorer, offering CATV services at the customer’s request’’

“To go into an estate, you want the quickest and cleanest solution, even if it costs a little bit more, but at the end of the day, you have to ask how you are going to get to the market the quickest” Ettienne and Francois elaborated on how they came across BDCOM. With their extensive experience and knowledge is was clear that they needed a reliable GPON solution, bearing this in mind they turned towards their supplier Miro, who recommended their exclusive fibre networking brand – BDCOM, due to its low costs and high-performance reputation. “We are just thankful that we chose the right product from day one” Ettienne added.

Supporting BDCOM’s promise of a lifetime warranty, Ettienne and Francois concluded their interview with some sensible advice, from a business owners’ perspective, for similar projects: “Whatever needs to be done can be done. Don’t just give up, adapt to what is available to you and always build your site as if it is your last site.” From a technical side, Francois added “I would advise proper planning and whatever solution you choose, future proof it. Don’t build to earn. Build to last.”


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