Attention all XProtect Enterprise clients! Move to Expert before 31 December 2016 or lose out!

The IP video surveillance industry is a dynamic high-paced industry that has undergone significant development during the last decade. Milestone’s XProtect Enterprise was introduced in 2004, and during the 12 years it has been in the market, it has shaped the IP VMS market with its flexibility, openness and usability. With thousands and thousands of satisfied customers around the globe, XProtect Enterprise has gained tremendous market recognition over the years.


As the VMS market leader, Milestone invests heavily in research and new product development annually. In 2013 Milestone introduced XProtect Expert as a product specifically designed for the upper mid-market segment. Offering superior functionality and system performance, at an equivalent price level as XProtect Enterprise, XProtect Expert has proven to be the market’s preferred choice.


In addition to this, Milestone further strengthens its mid-market offering by increasing the scalability of XProtect Professional, which offers a similar level of functionality as XProtect Enterprise, but at a more competitive price.


With the recent enhancements to XProtect Expert and XProtect Professional, the relevance of XProtect Enterprise in Milestone’s XProtect VMS portfolio has been reduced. With the ambition to have a broad product portfolio that provides our partners with a competitive solution that meets customers’ needs and budget, Milestone has decided to make XProtect Enterprise 2016 R2 the last version of XProtect Enterprise.


How will this affect existing XProtect Enterprise end customers?

Milestone’s decision to not release new versions of XProtect Enterprise will not have any immediate effect on end customers or Milestone partners.


Milestone is dedicated to providing its partners and end customers with reliable video surveillance solutions, so XProtect Enterprise will be available for additional purchase until June 1, 2020. Milestone will likewise continue to support XProtect Enterprise. Milestone will also continue to issue device packs with support for new camera models even though there will be no further versions of the XProtect Enterprise VMS software.


This implies that customers that are satisfied with their existing Milestone XProtect Enterprise system do not need to take any immediate actions.


However, customers who want to expand and develop their Milestone surveillance solution are offered favorable migration plans to Milestone’s Advanced VMS solutions.


Who is the campaign for?

The XProtect Enterprise migration campaign is available to all Milestone end customers with XProtect Enterprise systems that have been purchased and initially activated before June 1, 2016.


During which period will the campaign run?

The migration campaign will be open from June 1, 2016 until December 31, 2016.

Which products can end users migrate to?

The migration campaign offers XProtect Enterprise end customers favorable upgrade paths to the following Milestone products:


  • XProtect Expert
  • Milestone Husky NVR M500 Advanced

Why should end customers migrate?

There is no immediate need for end customers to migrate their XProtect Enterprise systems, as Milestone will support and keep the product available until June 1, 2020.

However, Milestone recommends end customers to make use of the migration passage campaign due to the following reasons:

  • Maintain the value of their Milestone investment
  • Benefit from extra functionality in the new product
  • Ensure continued access to new innovative functionality
  • Make use of the advantageous campaign offer




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