Analogue CCTV Accessories


In the traditional analog CCTV application, security cameras capture an analog video signal and transfer that signal over coax cable to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Each camera may be powered by plugging in the power supply right at the camera or by using RG59 Siamese cable which bundles the video and the power cables.

Analogue CCTV Power Supply’s

Standard day and night cctv cameras require between 350 to 480 mA of power(maximum). To ensure the cctv cameras function properly during day and night, it is recommanded to use 12V1A power supplies as with time the power supply actually reduces output which could affect the cctv camera.

Heavy duty cctv cameras such as speed dome or long range cctv cameras with high denisty LEDs require more power, normally 1000mA or 1500mA. Please ensure to use 12V2A power supplies so the cctv cameras can function properly in the long run.cctv_power_supply

The BNC connector allows our to connect your security camera to your DVR unit. BNC connectors typically is just a term to express the industry standard for digital/analog signal connection. All security cameras, DVRs, multiplexers, have these ends. The connectors below all fit these connections. The major connections are twist-on-BNC-connectors, crimp-on-BNC-connectors, and compression-BNC-connectors.

. The DVR converts the analog signal to digital, compresses it, and then stores it on a hard drive for later retrieval. Intelligence is built into the DVR to handle such things as scheduling, motion detection, and digital zoom. Monitors for viewing the video are connected to the DVR, or it can be set up to publish over an internal network for viewing on PCs. The DVR can also be set up to broadcast over the Internet and can add password protection and other features. When broadcasting over the Internet, the video for all of the cameras is transmitted as one stream (one IP address). Therefore, it is very efficient.Analogue-system-diagram-684x505

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