An industrial switch now built by your favorite brand

An industrial switch now built by your favorite brand

Are you looking for a cloud-managed, durable industrial switching solution without paying an arm & a leg?

Then Ubiquiti’s durable UniFi industrial switch is for you, as it enables you to expand, power and control your network in the harshest environments without compromising on your network uptime. It’s fanless industrial-grade design is plenum-rated and can be installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation. For added durability and greater resistance to corrosion and high temperature, the switch has a die-cast aluminium enclosure with a black powder-coated finish.

From a flexibility perspective, this switch offers 8 x 802.3bt PoE++ ports with a PoE capacity of up to 60 Watts per port, whereas standard industrial switches only offer 30 Watt per port. These 60-Watt ports allow you to simultaneously power multiple devices such as your UniFi XG Access Points or even power-hungry devices such as your High-capacity Microwave Backhaul radios or Uniview’s PTZ surveillance cameras.

UniFi Industrial Switch

To top it all off, you can seamlessly manage and monitor all your UniFi switches from a single platform with Ubiquiti’s intuitive UniFi Network Controller. The UniFi Network Controller enables you to provision your UniFi devices, map out your networks, and quickly manage your system traffic.

Speak to our team for expert advice on how you can expand and power your network with Ubiquiti’s UniFi Industrial Switch.

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