Always on, automatic failover for your on-site PBX solution.

Always on, automatic failover for your on-site PBX solution.

For companies who want direct control over exactly how their PBX is configured in-house, and for those who want to avoid paying the subscription fees associated with other PBX options, an IP PBX is the ideal solution.

An on-site PBX offers direct control over the phone system’s operations. When a business needs to add, change, or delete a line from the system, it can be handled in-house. However, this may require a higher level of expertise from on-site IT professionals. Offsite, or Hosted, options allows for a shift in the responsibility for configuration and maintenance to a service provider. Direct control of the system may be limited, but it is possible for a company’s IT staff to be trained to carry out basic additions, moves and changes.

For an always on, failover solution for your IP PBX, the combination of both the Grandstream UCM6510 PBXs and the HA100 is what you need to ensure uninterrupted performance. The UCM6510 IP PBX is designed to integrate your whole network into a complete, easy-to-manage solution. By combining two UCM6510 IP PBXs with the HA100, your network solution will become that much more reliable.


The Grandstream UCM6510 IP PBX




Rich in advanced management features, the UCM6510 is the perfect addition for small to medium to large-scale enterprises. With breakthrough hardware and software functionalities, the UCM6510 provides your VoIP network with an easy-to-manage, scalable solution. As an anchor to your communications network, the UCM6510 converges your voice, video, data, fax, surveillance and mobility devices into a single, simplified solution. The UCM6510 series supports up to 2000 users and requires zero licensing fees, upgrade fees or costs per feature.


Other features of the UCM6510 include:

  • IVR – Interactive Voice Recording
  • Call recording
  • System backup
  • Zero configuration/Auto provisioning


Integrating your IP PBX with the Grandstream HA100


When paired with two UCM6510 IP PBXs, the HA100 voice system provides your communications network with an automatic failover solution. By constantly monitoring the operational status of both PBXs, the HA100 will automatically switch all system control to the hot-standby secondary UCM6510, should the primary device fail for any reason. This is further enhanced with the simple hardware display which indicates the real-time status of all telecom lines, network links, auxiliary devices and more. With a fast 10 to 50 second system switching time, depending on the number of endpoints, the HA100 ensures a rapid response time to system faults; maximizing your solution’s uptime.


Your on-site IP PBX solution ensures that your core communications network continues to perform at its optimal level, for uninterrupted service provision.


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