airMAX ac Gen2 technology | Connectivity now available everywhere

airMAX ac Gen2 technology | Connectivity now available everywhere

Connect people even in the most remote areas of the planet with Ubiquiti’s NEW airMAX ac range aptly named Generation 2 (GEN2) and two new product series, the IsoStation and PrismStation. Experience significant breakthroughs in network performance, usability, last mile connectivity and backwards compatibility for the global WISP industry.

High-Capacity Prism Active RF Filtering BaseStation Technology

Prism BaseStation Technology covers the full 5GHz radio band and incorporates both airMAX ac and airPrism technologies for maximum performance of wireless links in high-density areas.


Gen 2The Ubiquiti Networks Complete Software Suite

Deploy the Ubiquiti Networks° airMAX° software suite at no extra charge-no software, licensing or support fees. Plan, configure, and manage your network from anywhere.

Set up Steps


Simulate your links to determine Fresnel zone clearance, link budget, and expected capacity. Updates coming soon will allow network coverage area simulation as well.


Gen 3


Instantly deploy customer radios using just a smartphone or tablet

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Gen 4


Intuitive link and RF environment visualization to easily optimize radio performance.

Gen 5

4.Network Management-airControl™

Scheduled mass network upgrades, system monitoring, and overall performance analytics.

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Gen 6

5.Operations and Accounting -UCRM™

Everything you need to run and scale your ISP business. Customer billing, setup plans, suspend service, and more.

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Gen 7

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