Acconet – making life that much easier with coloured flyleads!

Acconet – making life that much easier with coloured flyleads!

Does your server room look like this?



Want it to look like this?



With Acconet’s range of coloured CAT6 Flylead cables, not only will you get all the benefits of a high-quality, twist pair, Gigabit Ethernet cable but you’ll also be able to turn chaos into order and be the envy of your fellow server administrators.


By keeping your server colour coded according to user, or purpose of usage, or location, etc., will save you time and frustration when something needs to be replaced or checked – meaning you don’t have to rip out all the cabling.


A simple example would be as follows:

POE – Red

Servers – Yellow

CAT6A Network (workstations) – Blue

CAT6 Network (printers, cameras, etc.) – Green


Acconet Coloured CAT6 Flyleads available:

CAT6 1 meter, UTP Flylead cables

CAT6-FLY-1-BLUE Read More

CAT6-FLY-1-RED Read More

CAT6-FLY-1-GREEN Read More



CAT6 3 meter, UTP Flylead cables

CAT6-FLY-3-BLUE Read More

CAT6-FLY-3-Yellow Read More

CAT6-FLY-3-Green Read More

CAT6-FLY-3-RED Read More


Flylead Flylead Flylead

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