Access Control just got so much easier with Axxess-E’s WIRELESS Solutions

Access Control just got so much easier with Axxess-E’s WIRELESS Solutions

The days of millions of meters of controller and terminal bus cable runs have finally come to an end thanks to Axxess-E’s Wireless Access Control Solutions


Axxess-E’s Wireless Access Control Solutions not only offer you an escape from complex cable runs but also offer scalability in that it’s FREE graphics based software can manage up to 1000 Door Controllers, who in turn can control 2 doors each (that’s 2000 doors!).


Other features include:


Smart Analytics and Management options

Axxess studio is a graphics based FREE software package that manages alarms, movement tracking, customised reporting, and the exporting of time and attendance data.


Power Supply Flexibility

The Door Controllers themselves include a 12VDC 4A PSU and charger for 7AH Battery (with 4 inputs and 2 outputs) and can managing up to 4 durable Wireless Tag Readers (powered by AA batteries).


Onboard Storage

The Door Controllers can store 100 000 transactions and 10 000 user profiles.



Network Interfaces will manage RF to TCP-IP conversions, allowing the extension of the range of devices. This system is NOT a Wi-Fi system but rather uses its own propriety, secure, encrypted RF protocol on the 868 MHz open channel together with standard TCP-IP protocols.


Make Wiegand Biometric Devices Wireless

The Wiegand Interface converts 26 or 44-bit data for Wiegand devices on the wireless bus.


Secure Data Transmission

This technology boasts AES128 encryption and rolling code for secure transmission of data. The hardware is also resistant to RF environment interference and jamming devices with an intelligent two-way RF transmission procedure protecting the integrity of your data and building access.

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