A Bullet with Built in Sunglasses, Vivotek’s WDR PRO II IP8355EH

A Bullet with Built in Sunglasses, Vivotek’s WDR PRO II IP8355EH



DO NOT let the 1.3 Megapixel resolution fool you, this camera packs a punch and here is why

  • Supreme Night Visibility along with 3D Noise Reduction ensures clear low light image quality without using IR illumination, this feature is critical enabling you to identify colours of potentially important features in security footage
  • Smart IR ensures the closer the objects gets to the camera at night does not result in the image being blinded
  • The IP67 will allow the camera to be immersed in 1M of water so rain is a bit of a joke to this camera, do not forget the extreme temperature range -40 to 55 degrees
  • Corridor View allows you to optimise the camera for a vertical view instead of a horizontal view, this means its perfect for narrow passageways and tunnels
  • Last but not least Wide Dynamic Range II, yes that’s the built in sunglasses part, this camera is perfect if you need a camera to look into really sharp light for License Plate Recognition or into a sky line with the sun setting or rising, the video below SAYS IT ALL!

VI-IP8355EH Datasheet

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