6 ways Siklu seamlessly integrates into your wireless Networks!

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Expand your connectivity and service options while maintaining optimal network standards by integrating Siklu’s cost-effective, backhaul solutions into your network. The EtherHaul series from Siklu delivers high-capacity Ethernet connectivity with a throughput of up to 5 Gbps full duplex and a maximum distance of up to 10 km, allowing you to deploy future-proof wireless networks that are easy to install and maintain.


  • 5G Fixed Wireless Access

If you’re going to provide gigabit services, you should do it fast. Upgrading infrastructure is expensive, you need to be absolutely sure you don’t get to your market too late. That’s what millimetre waves are for. You can deliver the gig your customers want over wireless, which means lightning fast deployment. Millimetre waves are a different kind of wireless. They combine the capacity of fibre with the flexibility, speed of deployment and affordable cost of wireless networks. That means our links can be used as a natural extension of your fibre plant. Siklu’s solutions will cover your last hop whatever it looks like. Get all the way up to 10 Gbps, on the street or on the roof, in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topologies.


  • Security Networks

Siklu’s wireless networks ensure you’ll stream the real picture anytime, anywhere, no matter what, so you never lose critical video that aren’t recorded. The millimetre wave radios use physically immune narrow beams that are impervious to other signals. That means no jamming, zero interference and complete security. Siklu radios operate over the millimetre wave bands, which have abundant spectrum everywhere. You get a flexible and cost-effective multi-gigabit wireless network that performs just like fibre.


  • Business Broadband Delivery

Siklu’s easy-to-deploy wireless links provides your enterprise network with reliable, multigigabit connectivity. Easy to install and cost-effective, Siklu’s capacity-rich solutions do not require any advanced IT knowledge or skills and are swiftly installed to deliver secure, interference-free, high quality wireless access throughout the workplace. Once you empower your business network with Siklu’s fibre-like wireless, your availability increases, all while expenditure decreases – it’s like magic in the air.


  • Mobile Backhaul

Siklu’s carrier grade radios accelerate capacity-rich small cell and macrocell backhaul solutions, expediting future-proof networks. Interference-free 4G macrocell and small cell backhaul radios are the smallest of their kind in the world and are swiftly deployed with integrated advanced networking features. Reliable mobile networks facilitate quality service that meets the capacity demands of the always-on generation. Siklu’s millimetre wave fibre-like links capacity-enrich networks enabling them to rapidly extend their footprint.


  • Wi-Fi Backhaul

Siklu’s wireless links backhaul Wi-Fi over ultra-wide, available spectrum, providing high-capacity, reliable communication. Multigigabit, interference-free connectivity supports today’s massive data transmission through ever-popular social media and bandwidth-consuming mobile apps. Siklu’s small-sized, light weight radios are easily set-up and re-positioned to provide gigabit capacities for ad hoc sports events, music concerts and for securing perimeters and VIPs with video surveillance.


  • Campus Connectivity

Siklu’s dynamic wireless radios connect new/existing, temporary/permanent facilities, creating one core network. Gigabit connectivity may be swiftly established for enterprises, educational institutions and healthcare organizations, facilitating quality voice, video and data to meet the vast demands from data-intensive and latency-sensitive services and apps. Wireless interference-free connectivity is enabled for geographically distributed campuses, resolving IT challenges, such as network traffic growth, security concerns and increasing operating costs.



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