6 Reasons to install Cambium’s firmware update: 3.0!

6 Reasons to install Cambium’s firmware update: 3.0!

Just when you thought wireless couldn’t get any better with Cambium’s range of cnPilot enterprise APs, Cambium goes and improves on the recipe with their latest firmware update!


Supported Platfroms

ePMP1000 Hotspot, cnPilot E400, cnPilot E500


New features introduced in this release

Airtime Fairness: cnPilot E400/E500, ePMP 1000

Airtime Fairness is a solution for access points (APs) to increase the performance of 11n and 11ac clients (HT clients) in the presence of legacy 11abg clients. Legacy clients need more air time to transmit/receive the data compared to HT clients (11n and 11ac clients). Because of this, the overall throughput of the HT clients falls down. Enabling this feature improves the performance of HT clients by throttling the legacy clients.


Passpoint: cnPilot E400/E500, ePMP 1000

The Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0) feature provides WPA2 hotspot network access and online sign up. Passpoint enables a secure, automatic connection experience for users and is ideal for leveraging Wi-Fi technology for data offload of cellular networks. The Passpoint feature is configurable per WLAN.


L2TPv2 tunnel:cnPilot E400/E500

Access points are now capable of creating layer 2 L2TPv2 tunnels. The L2TPv2 tunnels are created with external routers such as Mikrotik’s RB750r2, RB3011 (or any other router which provides L2TPv2 tunnel concentration capability).


LDAP guest access: cnPilot E400/E500, ePMP 1000

LDAP guest access authenticates a guest user from the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server, like Active Directory (AD), that acts as the backend database. When the user enters a valid username and password on the web authentication login page and clicks Submit, the user is authenticated based on the credentials submitted and a successful authentication from the backend database (LDAP in this case). The web authentication system then displays a successful login page and redirects the authenticated client to the requested URL.


Mesh Recovery: cnPilot E400/E500, ePMP 1000

Mesh recovery can be used in two cases.

  • Recover a mesh AP that was stranded from the network because of a mismatched configuration in radio, Mesh SSID or security passphrase.
  • An AP with default configuration, running firmware version 3.0.


Multi-Hop mesh: cnPilot E400/E500, ePMP 1000

Multiple-Hop mesh allows the administrator to increase the range of the meshed network by daisy chaining wireless across multiple access points. Note that since the mesh radio would typically receive, then transmit, on the same channel, throughput after each hop would degrade by 50-60%. However, for hard to cable areas the multi-hop mesh might be the only way to provide connectivity to clients.


Not familiar with Cambium or cnPilot?

The following is a list of the features that are supported in cnPilot Enterprise APs:


cnPilot E400/E500

  • WLANs: 16
  • Clients: 127 for 11n radio and 256 for 11ac radio


ePMP 1000 Hotspot

  • WLANs: 8
  • Clients: 127



  • Open
  • WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK (Pre-shared Keys)
  • WPA-Enterprise, WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x with EAP-TLS, EAPTTLS, EAP-PEAP, EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA)
  • MAC Authentication (Static list, RADIUS based)


Client Traffic Management

  • Rate limit upstream and downstream per-client, per-WLAN
  • Scheduled WLAN access (time-based SSID)
  • VLAN trunking support (Static VLAN, RADIUS assigned VLAN)
  • Access Control Lists (IP and MAC based ACLs)
  • DNS based Access Control (DNS based whitelist, blacklist)


Guest Access

  • Captive portal splash pages
  • Multiple authentication options (click-through, RADIUS)
  • WISPr interoperable
  • Walled Garden Support


Wired bridging and routing services

  • NAT, port forwarding
  • DHCP Server
  • DNS proxy server
  • Firewall, DoS attack prevention


Troubleshooting Tools

  • Connectivity test tools (ping, traceroute)
  • Packet Capture for traffic analysis
  • WiFi Analyzer for radio/802.11 analysis



  • Support for cnMaestro cloud based onboarding with certificate validation for cnPilot E400/E500 and ePMP 1000
  • Enterprise class CLI accessible over Telnet and SSH
  • On-Device GUI (http, https)
  • SNMP v2c, v3 based monitoring


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