6 Benefits of solar powered video surveillance systems

6 Benefits of solar powered video surveillance systems

In certain sites like construction sites, large farms, parks, ports, roads and highway toll collection centres;  its either not possible to carry cables to power IP surveillance cameras or its simply not cost-effective. However, the absence of power lines shouldn’t stop you from keeping an eye on your remote sites.

Let’s take a look at what makes solar powered video surveillance systems work for remote sites?


Saves you time and money

A solar-powered camera does not require any cabling, which can be a huge cost saving. Excavation and trenching costs plus the added expense of cabling can be completely avoided. The price can be even higher considering the need for special permits, inspections, maintenance, etc.


Independence from the power grid

Solar powered video surveillance cameras don’t require you to have outdoor power lines. These systems can be used in remote areas where power source is a problem. With a solar powered video security system, you receive an environmentally safe system with a self-renewing power source for 24-hour surveillance.


Functionality in any location

Solar-powered systems can function in almost any location, as long as installers don’t position them under dense shade or under the eaves of a building. These systems are especially useful in dispersed or geographically challenging environments.


No cables needed

Stand-alone solar powered video surveillance means that the entire system can be installed without running power or data cables.


Minimize environmental impact

Creating infrastructure to support a traditional video system can be disruptive, especially areas such as wetlands, high-traffic locales or other sensitive locations. Solar-powered video systems require no infrastructure and allow sensitive areas and revenue-generating activities to be secured as well as preserved.


 Day and Night functionality

Since sunlight is not available throughout the night, a battery back-up system is used to store excess electrical power generated by the solar panels during the day, which can be used to power the IP Surveillance camera during the night.


MiRO can help you with your remote video surveillance needs; this set up usually includes the following:


Uniview – 2MP Bullet 2.8-12mm, Audio Input/Output   

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UNV – H.265 – 2MP Mini Bullet 3.6mm, IP66

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UNV – H.265 – 4MP Bullet 2.8-12mm Motorized lens, 30m IR, IP66

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12V 100AH Sealed Lead Acid GEL Battery

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Solar Panel

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Solar Regulator PWM 20A

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15W Single Output DC-DC Converter

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DC Power Plug with Screw Terminals– Male type

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Acconet CAT5e UTP Flylead

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