5 Ways Audio Can Boost Your Security

We’ve often referred to the audio in and out support on our cameras as an extra level of security, but what do we actually mean by that? Audio helps provide context for camera footage, can help detect threats for things, such as gun shots, that are taking place out of field of view (FOV), and much more. We’ve narrowed the list down to 5 benefits (based on an article by Prasanth Aby Thomas on asmag.com, 15 July 2016) of pairing audio with your surveillance solution.


  •  Better quality evidence

    Video evidence is much easier to manipulate because it relies so heavily on a person’s physical description (height, attire, gender, hair, skin colour, etc.). Layer audio over the footage and you can detect a distinguishable voice, access, tone, conversations, instructions, names, etc. By combining video and audio you provide the user with a better understanding of the situation and the people you’re monitoring.


  • Early warning

    As mentioned, audio microphones on cameras are sometimes able to pick up sounds to actions or events that fall outside of the camera’s FOV. By paying attention to these sounds, you can detect any suspicious sounds that could be early warning signs of a threat. On example would be of a shooter in the building that might not have been detected by the cameras yet.


  • Criminal deterrent

The best crime is the one never committed. Knowing that not only will they have to avoid the camera’s FOV but also try and keep the noise down would deter most criminals from trying to perpetrate a crime.

Two-way audio also allows security staff to speak remotely in real-time with people near the camera – this is a wonderful way to manage access control and let people know that their presence (if they were previously unaware of the cameras) is being monitored.

  • Judging disputes

    Disputes sometimes arise between parties regarding certain events (fights breaking out on work premises, accidents that happen, verbal abuse, etc.), each arguing their own viewpoint leaving the third party to decide who is more correct (and who was at fault).  Audio will help add context to the footage taken of the event and help HR or administration make an informed decision regarding who is truly at fault. By placing cameras with microphones in high traffic areas at work, campuses, etc. and documenting events you make people accountable for their actions and provide a judicious way of resolving conflicts and identifying the guilty parties.


  • Better ROI and Flexibility

    MiRO offers a range of IP video cameras that support audio input and output (two-way audio) which means that by simply adding a mic and/or speaker you can quickly and cost-effectively upgrade your surveillance network.



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