4 things a WISP shouldn’t struggle with

4 things a WISP shouldn’t struggle with

 1. Interference

Interference is a common and troublesome issue that WISPs are constantly faced with. The lack of wires that makes wireless so attractive is also what makes it more prone to interference. This interference is mainly caused by the number of devices that operate within the same frequency. To combat this issue RADWIN developed Bi-Directional Beamforming Technology. This technology enables Service Providers to deliver the highest industry capacity with the longest range and unparalleled radio interference immunity, only addressing one CPE at a time, with an 8-degree beam and minimal side-lobes. With RADWIN JET, service providers get a disruptive Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) smart beamforming solution. RADWIN JET is the perfect choice for operation in heavily congested unlicensed bands where spectrum resources are scarce.

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2. Delivering Capacity

Service providers are often faced with capacity limitations that are brought on by interference and the inability to deliver the desired capacity to clients. RADWIN JET uniquely delivers fixed, high-transmission power across all modulations. When combined with increased gain and an interference-immune Bi-Beam antenna, RADWIN JET delivers greater downlink and uplink capacity and a longer range than conventional PtMP solutions. Your network should allow you to increase your customer base and the capacity per subscriber and widen your coverage footprint – all without increasing the total cost of ownership. Conventional PtMP equipment reaches maximum capacity at 20-30 subscribers whereas the RADWIN JET can handle up to 64 subscribers before reaching maximum capacity, with the ability to stack several sectors whilst maintaining GPS Synchronisation, or the option to upgrade to the JET DUO 5GHz for 128 subscriber capacity.

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3. Truck rolls

Truck rolls are often referred to as the need to dispatch a technician to install or somehow reconfigure equipment, or perhaps to respond to a service call or network outage. To minimise your truck rolls, RADWIN provides a set of software tools that provide easy access to everything from radio planning, network deployment, installation and network management and maintenance. These tools simplify end-to-end operations, guarantee service performance and reduce technician call outs and maintenance, resulting in lower operating costs to your business, giving you more time to expand and grow your network.

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 4. Reliability

To reduce truck roll costs and equipment replacement even further, it is important to choose a solution that is robust and reliable. The RADWIN JET has a typical IP rating of at least IP65, meaning it can operate in harsh conditions and extreme temperatures.

To measure the reliability of the RADWIN JET it sports an established meantime between failure of more than 20 years (minimum). This measurement helps you make data-driven decisions on maintenance scheduling, safety, inventory management, and equipment design without relying on subjective observations.

Taking all of this into account it is clear to see that the Radwin JET is a great option for service providers to consider when setting up their wireless PTMP solution in the 5. xGHz. Speak to our experts about a proof of concept for your network and see how RADWIN can change the way you deliver fibre-like capacity to your customers.

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