4 reasons to get Uniview’s NEW edge analytic cameras!

4 reasons to get Uniview’s NEW edge analytic cameras!

Need analytics for your surveillance system but don’t want to spend a fortune on third-party analytics software? Uniview has announced that they now include edge analytics for selected camera models with their latest firmware release.

What is edge analytics?

Edge analytics means that the data captured on your sensor device goes through an automated analytical computation directly on the IP Camera device without having to wait for the data to be sent back to a centralized data store before it can be analysed.


Benefits of edge analytics

The main benefits of edge analytics is:

–         scalability: because the analytical computation/processing takes place on the sensor device.

–         Advantageous for remote locations with limited bandwidth


What are the 4 reasons?

Face Detection – The IP camera will automatically take a snapshot of everyone that enters your building and provide you with a clear image to help you identify any person entering your company.


People Counting – The IP camera will automatically count the number of people that enter or leave an area through a specific entrance. This will help you better understand your customer traffic patterns and help you calculate your stores Sale Conversion Rate. This can also improve security by ensuring that no one is left in the building after closing time.


Line detection – This is mostly used for access control where a virtual line is drawn on top of a wall or gate in the camera’s field of view (FOV). The IP Camera will take a snapshot of anything that crosses that line (crosses the wall or gate) making it ideal for parking lots and security estates.



Intrusion Detection – This feature is used to monitor high-security areas. You create  a virtual perimeter around the area that you want to monitor and if anyone crosses that perimeter the IP Camera will take a snapshot of the intruder. The IP Camera will also detect whether the intruder has left the high-security area or not.



Note: While objects are detected, the IP camera can send you an alarm via email, trigger an alarm output and store the snapshots on an FTP server.

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