Stay ahead of the pack with the Cambium ePMP NOW program

Stay ahead of the pack with the Cambium ePMP NOW program

The Cambium ePMP NOW program is designed to take your knowledge and training efforts to another level.  The program will be a series of events (one every week on Wednesday at 10am CST)

Broadcasted via Facebook Live and YouTube, focusing on various technical topics around ePMP.

The casual presentations will be no more than 30 minutes, with the use of white boards, product UI, and the presenters talking to the camera and the audience.

The purpose of these live events is to share product knowledge with customers in a fun and interactive manner.


Here’s a list of the exciting topics you can look forward to:

Topic Date
ePMP Elevate – lessons from the first 60 days 5/4/17
ePMP Syncing – A refresher on everything you need to know 12/4/17
ePMP 2000 – Smart antenna. How smart is it? 19/4/17
Interference – What is it all about and how do we fight it? 26/4/17
Throughput troubleshooting – Learn what to look for and what to do 3/5/17
Elevate 2.4 – What to expect? 10/5/17
ePMP & VLANS 17/5/17
ePMP Network – The low down on bridge/nat/router 24/5/17
ePMP Hardware – Learn all about what’s what 31/5/17
ePMP Modes of operation – Flexible, TDD, ePTP 7/6/17
ePMP Elevate – Lessons from the first 90 days 14/6/17
Welcome to ePMP – Learn all about it 21/6/17
ePMP man Q&A – Ask anything 28/6/17
Reading the spectrum analyzer 12/7/17
Quality of Service explained 19/7/17
ePMP and Video Surveillance – why it rocks? 26/7/17
ePMP and VOIP – Rocking reliability 2/8/17
ePMP and scalability – How many subscribers should I really put on an AP? 9/8/17
ePMP and IPTV 16/8/17
ePMP vs others – What’s the secret? 23/8/17
ePMP man Q&A – Ask anything 30/8/17
Point to Point vs Point to Multipoint – when & why? 6/9/17
Management & Configuration via CnMaestro 13/9/17
 ePMP man Q&A – Ask anything