Milestone Releases Highest-Performing Video Management System Yet!

Milestone Releases Highest-Performing Video Management System Yet!

Milestone’s first product of 2017 enables record-breaking performance for XProtect users, lower hardware costs and lower total cost of ownership.

The Milestone XProtect VMS products portfolio comprises of easy-to-use video management software(VMS) that makes it straightforward to manage and operate small to high-risk, large-scale video surveillance systems. With a wide array of features and functions suited basic to advanced surveillance needs, there’s an XProtect solution for every installation size and environment.

What’s new in XProtect Advanced VMS Products 2017 R1


Lower total cost of ownership with hardware accelerated VMD

Video motion detection (VMD) decoding is moved from the CPU to the GPU part of the Intel CPU to significantly reduce the CPU load and improve performance of the recording servers. Users can expect to see up to an 85% reduction in the CPU load with the same amount of cameras on the recording server compared to previous versions. This means more cameras can be run on each server compared to previous versions, resulting in lower total cost of ownership. It is also possible to fully use video motion detection with H.265.


Simple and predictable setup for single-server installations

Selecting “Single Computer” set up during the initial installation automatically performs certain configurations for an easier installation experience for installations where all system components are installed on the same server.


Stronger security with two-step verification

System administrators can control user access to XProtect® Web Client and Milestone Mobile using two-step verification. In order to access video when two-step verification is on, users need a login password and a one-time access code sent via email or text message. Sending email access codes works out-of-the-box whereas sending SMS access codes requires a local SMS gateway.

Two-step verification is available for XProtect Web Client and Milestone Mobile when connected to XProtect Corporate 2017 R1.


Failover clustering quick guide

Windows Server Failover Clustering provides an infrastructure that supports high-availability and disaster recovery of hosted server applications. A new how-to-guide provides an outline on creating a high-availability environment with Microsoft Failover Clustering on two server nodes.

What’s new in XProtect Business-ready VMS Products 2017 R1


Updates to free XProtect Essential

With the release of XProtect 2017 R1, the subscription pack option for the free XProtect Essential will no longer be available. Going forward, XProtect Essential will be a true free product with support for up to eight camera licenses. Customers who need more than eight cameras or Milestone Care  Plus should choose XProtect Express.

What’s new in XProtect Clients 2017 R1


Improve incident response with alarm list for XProtect Web Client

Users get a quick overview of incidents flagged in the system since their last log in. the alarm list will show all system alarms in an easy overview so users can quickly take action when needed. Users can also see details for each alarm and can playback related video directly from the list. The alarm list is available for all XProtect 2017 R1 VMS.


User permissions per client provides stronger security

System administrators controlling systems with multiple users can control access permission per client for each of the three XProtect clients, resulting in safer security access. User permissions per client is available for the 2017 R1 versions of XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate.


Enhanced Smart Map

The Smart Map feature in XProtect® Smart Client includes support for offline OpenStreetMap. Administrators can configure a specific map server in order to show geographical maps without connecting to the Internet. Smart Map is available for 2017 R1 versions of XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert.

What’s new in the Customer Dashboard


Efficiently manage a large number of licenses

Customer Dashboard features license groups so users can efficiently manage licenses by assigning multiple licenses to group(s) and then performing actions by license groups, instead of per license. Users can create and manage groups of licenses, filter licenses based on groups, create notification profiles for groups and use the license groups in various features, such as error notifications.

Customer Dashboard works with all paid XProtect VMS with a valid Care Plus agreement.

What’s new in ONVIF Bridge 2017 R1


Improved investigations with playback

ONVIF Bridge makes it possible to integrate video from Milestone Husky NVRs and XProtect VMS products into central monitoring solutions. ONVIF Bridge 2017 R1 includes the ability to do forward playback with different speeds and backward playback for an improved investigation experience.