From Deskphone to Computer screen, managing your calls just got easier!

From Deskphone to Computer screen, managing your calls just got easier!

Do you feel like you constantly have to divide your attention between your PC and deskphone? With Grandstream’s easy to use CTI application-Grandstream Affinity, you can now improve work productivity by conveniently managing all your calls from your PC.

Grandstream Affinity creates an intuitive and powerful connection across your desktop and workstation by linking your computer and GXP endpoint in one Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution. Utilizing a fluid connection between a computer and phone increases call efficiency and overall work productivity. You can access smooth call management and control management with the Grandstream GXP2100 or GXP1700 series phone via a desktop running Grandstream Affinity.

Feature Overview

  • Complete control over calls (answer, hang-up, call on hold, manage “do not disturb”, call forward, conference, call transfer etc.…).
  • Incoming calls notifications on desk computer allowing caller numbers to be screened against a database to collect or provide more information related to caller.
  • Initiate outbound calls from computer directly.
  • Discovering phones with CTI feature enabled and communicate with the UCM6xxx directly to execute specific actions.
  • Contacts management from computer and synchronization with connected hosts.
  • Manage call history of connected hosts from computer.


Peering the Grandstream Affinity CTI software with a GXP series IP phone is quick and easy. After downloading the application through our Tools page on, the user can choose between the Simple, Advanced and Discovery setup modes. Each provide convenient configuration possibilities to any deployment.


The simple setup mode is best for a fast integration between the computer and desktop phone. Pairing is convenient, with only the phone extension and phone display code needed to make a connection.


Utilizing the advanced setup mode enables users to discover Grandstream Affinity capable phones within the same network. You can also connect with a specific GXP phone if the IP address of the phone is already known.


Pairing GXP phones with CTI functionality enabled that broadcasts their IP addresses using DNS is possible through the Discovery mode.