Check out these 7 amazing uses for your Grandstream PBX

Check out these 7 amazing uses for your Grandstream PBX
  1. Individual offices

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The UCM series offers businesses a set of enterprise-grade voice, video, data and mobility solutions that are easy-to-use, require no extra fees and increase productivity and security. Use the UCM series to create and unify multiple different communication technologies on the same network with all devices registered as extensions.


  1. Multiple offices

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For business with multiple locations, multiple UCMs can be peered together, or a centralized UCM can support multiple locations. Peering allows all employees to be on the same network no matter what office they are in, while also making installation and management as simple as possible.

  1. Remote and Travelling workers

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Support your remote employees and traveling workers with the UCM series. Support remote extensions, by using the free Grandstream Wave Softphone App on any Android or iOS device, or by having calls forwarded to any mobile phone number.


  1. Hotels

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Grandstream’s UCM series of IP PBXs is compatible with H-Mobile’s powerful Property Management System. This allows users who use or purchase H-Mobile’s software to integrate it with their UCM to allow their communications network to feed directly into their TMS in order to unify operations and logistics, ideal for the hospitality industry.


  1. Sales/Customer Service-Based Businesses

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Grandstream’s UCM series is compatible with two of the best CRMs on the market, SalesForce and SugarCRM, allowing you to access and share customer data between your communications network and CRM platform in order to provide better service.


  1. Facility Access

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Put a door camera at the entrance to an apartment, dormitory or office building and place a video phone, like the GXV3275, in the apartment, dorm rooms or offices to allow visitors to be easily let in while also keeping the facility secure. The whole network is registered to and anchored by the UCM series IP PBX.

  1. Integration with 3rd Party Software

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Grandstream’ s UCM series offers Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) which allows you to share all of its features and functionalities with third party software, such as billing software. This allows the UCM to be synced with, for example, a restaurant’s’ customer service software, to support features like calling customers when their table is ready.