RF elements is an innovative manufacturer of products for wireless networking. They are a team of talented people thinking outside the box. They believe in the power of innovation, technology and creativity. Their unconventional approach results in unique, game-changing products.
Broadband Wireless: Ubiquiti - Mounting Accessories
Broadband Wireless: Weatherproof Enclosures - Weatherproof Enclosures
Broadband Wireless: Weatherproof Enclosures - Enclosures with Integrated Antennas
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Sectorised MIMO
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Symmetrical horn Sectors
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Parabolic Dish MIMO
Antennas & Masts: Accessories - TwistPort Connectors
Antennas & Masts: Accessories - Mounting Accessories
Cabling & Cabinets: Coax Cable & Connectors - Pigtails
Power & Surge: PoE & Power Supplies - PoE - Passive DC
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