LigoWave was founded in 2007 as a manufacturer and developer of high performance, versatile wireless solutions for Wireless Internet Service Providers and Telecoms across the globe. Making use of industry-leading wireless technology, LigoWave products are developed with the carrier-grade customer in mind.

By utilizing cutting edge hardware platforms as well as robust software technology to handle the security and management needs of today’s growing wireless infrastructure. High Quality radios at cost effective prices makes Ligowave an obvious part of the MiRO Product Portfolio.

The Key Features
Long Range Point to Point Backhauling W-Jet TDD proprietary Protocol Carrier Grade Hardware WNMS full management software suit

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Why LigoWave

Why LigoWave
  • Enterprise-grade network management for:
    • Carries-class PTP
    • Last-Mile wireless access
    • Indoor Wi-Fi
  • Most cost effective per MB throughput
  • Brand that is focused on RF radios that work
  • Carrier class and robust
  • Dual surge protection on Ethernet port and radio

The Ligowave enterprise ecosystem

The Ligowave enterprise ecosystem The Ligowave enterprise ecosystem The Ligowave enterprise ecosystem
  • LigoPTP – Carrier Class Backhaul
  • LigoDLB - Last mile PTMP and PTP connectivity
  • LigoNFT - Wi-Fi indoor access

LigoPTP - Carrier Class Backhaul

LigoPTP - Carrier Class Backhaul
  • W-JET – Proprietary protocol to achieve further distance & lower latency
  • Best cost per MB throughput
  • Bond 2 radios for double the throughput.
  • Adaptive modulation and automatic transmit power control
  • Stable throughput for minimum SLA
  • IP68 rated to ensure long, robust life cycle

LigoDLB - Last Mile

LigoDLB - Last Mile
  • iPOLL2 – Organizing communication to maximize throughput
  • Cost effective last mile links
  • Surge protection on both the radio and the Ethernet port
  • Up to 32 Client’s per Base Station
IPoll Explained
  • Proprietary FWBA - not Wi-Fi
  • Synchronised communication between CPE & Base Station

LigoNFT - Indoor Wi-Fi

LigoNFT - Indoor Wi-Fi
  • Manage indoor Wi-Fi through WNMS cloud from anywhere in the world.
  • High power output for extensive coverage
  • High gain antenna for better RF coverage
  • Easy installation with PoE support

The LigoWave Software family

The LigoWave Software family
  • Central point for network management
  • Push notification alerts
  • Reports and analytics
  • Cluster updates and schedule tasks
  • Manage 3rd party SNMP enabled units


  • Configure devices centrally and in clusters
  • Monitor and receive alerts
  • Schedule reboots or updates
  • Centralised firmware updates
  • Analytics and statistics
  • 3rd party product integration
  • To-do lists for technician to complete
  • FREE (Requires own server)
WNMS Cloud
  • Free Trial account that supports up to 20 devices
  • No hardware/install required

Mobile app for android DEVICES

Mobile app for android DEVICES
WNMS mobile
  • Receive push notification and Alerts
  • List the networks and devices
  • Mark each device location on a map
  • Configure devices
  • Use coordinates from Android to pin the device
  • Manage and assign tasks
  • Do diagnostics
  • View Graphs


Installer App
  • Eliminates the need for a laptop on site
  • More advanced fine tuning of alignment
  • Helps with antenna alignment in foggy or rainy weather
  • Can link with WNMS server to pin coordinates
  • Full radio configuration and setup with only your mobile device
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