Since EDIMAX was added to the MiRO portfolio in 2006, the company has grown to be among South Africa’s leading supplier of cost effective network communication products. Their company is built on such core values as quality service, professional R&D, and innovation. In 2003, EDIMAX was ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified and today they offer a wide range of networking products to help you benefit from the latest technological advancements while maintaining an economical approach.
Networking: Edimax - PCI Cards
Networking: Edimax - PCI Express Cards
Networking: Edimax - USB Adapters
Networking: Switches - Unmanaged - 10/100 Desktop
Networking: Switches - Unmanaged - 10/100 Rackmount
Networking: Switches - Unmanaged - Websmart
Networking: Switches - Unmanaged - Gigabit Desktop
Networking: Switches - Managed - Websmart
Networking: Switches - PoE - Unmanaged
Networking: Switches - PoE - Websmart
Networking: Print Servers & KVM - KVM Switches
Networking: Control & Automation - HomePlug
Wi-Fi: Edimax - Indoor Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi: Edimax - Outdoor Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi: Edimax - ADSL
Wi-Fi: Edimax - Client Adapter
Wi-Fi: Edimax - Management
Surveillance: IP Cameras - Fixed Camera
Surveillance: IP Cameras - Fish Eye
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